Monday, April 25, 2016

Angel Wings

I found this beautiful idea at "Shabby Chic and I" blog. Visit Tanja's beautiful blog to see the tutorial on how to make the wings Click here

I did't want to see the cardboard, so I applied All-Purpose Joint Compound with a brush to give a feathered texture to the wings.
 I let the All-purpose Joint Compound dry completely. Then I primed the wings, and painted them white. After the paint was dry, I Applied gold paint with a dry brush--be sure not to saturate the brush with paint. Wipe the excess paint on a piece of paper towel, then apply on surface with light strokes. This way you will see the feathery  texture on the wings.

I decided to hang the wings with my shabby chic paintings.
~Have a beautiful day and surround yourself with things that you love~

Friday, February 12, 2016

Crochet Shoes

 What would you do if you had a pair of shoes that you no longer liked? Probably donate them; but what about giving them a new appearance.  

 This is how the shoes looked before.
 I began by working a blanket stitch around the edge of the shoe.

 Then I worked 2 single crochet together on each stitch.
 Next, I worked a single crochet all around the shoe.
 At this point I began decreasing to close up the shoe. It's a good idea to try on the shoe in order to make adjustments (Increasing- Decreasing) single crochet stitches, until the shoe fits comfortably.
Finish with popcorn stitch for decoration. When I finished the shoes and started walking, I notice that the shoes tended to come off my feet. I am going to sew elastic bands on the back of the heel to give it more support. I've seen flat shoes with elastic bands on the back heel so I'm comfortable with the idea.

~I want to wish you a wonderful day full of beautiful things that make you happy~

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Making Crochet Ankle Boots

A good friend gifted me a pair of crochet flats, but they felt to loose on my feet. I was thinking about how to make them fit, and I decided to close the shoes transforming them  into ankle boots. I crocheted some roses and leaves with vines, and sewed them on to give the boots a more vintage romantic look. 

After crocheting the front of the shoe and closing it to a desirable length, I worked round rows until I reached the hight that I wanted for the boot.

~Have a wonderful day full of unforgettable memories~

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Making A 1960 Vintage Dress

I found this beautiful crochet dress on Google image, and  I fell in love with the puffed and flared sleeves. I didn't buy the pattern--I made my own pattern by looking at the dress. 
If you are interested in the pattern of this dress, you can find it here
 This is how I made the bodice 

 Worked on double crochet and shell scallop

~Have a wonderful day full of happiness and tender thoughts ~

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making Book Ornaments and Ornament Chandelier.

During this year I've been collecting some books that I found for free at a local library. I looked for old books because I like the yellow pages. I want  to share some ideas you can do with those books that you don't want anymore; a way to recycle. I found these book ornaments really costly in a store, I decided to make them myself.

Another Thing that I want to share with you is this ornament chandelier idea that I found on YouTube by Robeson Design. I made my own version by making a half circle box and adding light to the chandelier. I really like how it turned out. I don't know if I'm going to take it down when Christmas is over; It's really lights up the corner of the living room. You can find the instructions for the ornament chandelier here
To make the box I used a hardboard panel for its lightness and its flexibility to form a circle. I also painted the bottom of the box silver to help reflect more light; and of course I have to decorate the box sides with some appliques to make it look like a molding. I mounted the chandelier with long screws.

 I screwed  the light bulb underneath; that way the holes are not so big.

I want to wish you a happy Christmas and a happy New Year full of success, love and most of all health.
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