Thursday, March 8, 2012

Decorating With Crochet

I've been busy crocheting and it is something I really enjoy. I love to work on my doily everywhere specially while my little boy is playing in the park--it's me time.
I found this basket with flowers in an old book and I decided to  make a pillow for my wing chair and attach the basket and flower to it.

These are photos of the doilys I have made. It is called Dahlia Doily but I made changes to the pattern.
If you are interested in making doilys, I found a great place where you can find many doily patterns
I designed this doily; but I didn't take notes in the process.

This doily is really simple. I made it while my little boy was playing.
I found the idea for this doily in the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework book. Originally it was an Irish Crochet pillow top but I made a doily instead.
My sweet grandmother sent these beautiful patterns to me. I had fun making them. This one is called Curtain Call, I am going to post the pattern of this doily soon.

This doily is called Praline Pinwheel.

This doily is called Crystal Fan; my favorite.
I designed this one; but I didn't  take notes while I was making it.
~I'm wishing you a beautiful day full of wonderful moments~

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