Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to make an easy Crocheted lace

When I was making my Valentine Banner, I found out that I didn't have laces or ribbons at home, so I decide to make my own piece of lace to use in my project. This crocheted lace is easy to make.

I used Mercerized cotton, size 10 in natural color, and a  hook number 8.
Make 4 chains and insert the hook into the first chain. Draw this chain through the working loop to form a circle.

1st row 3ch, 3dc into center of circle, 2ch, 4dc into circle. Turn.
2nd row 3ch, 3dc into 2ch loop, 2ch, 3dc into same 2ch loop, 1dc into top of turning chain. Turn.

The 2nd row forms the pattern. Repeat it for the length of lace you want.

I really had fun making this shell stitch lace, and it worked perfectly for my banner--it gave my project a vintage touch.

~Have a wonderful day and come back soon~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Vintage Valentine Banners

I think that these vintage photos are so sweet. They deserve to be displayed, and what a better time to do so than on Valentine's Day, where our hearts are filled with love. It makes us plan thoughtful gifts, and use affectionate words that convey what we too often forget to express in our busy lives. 

 Love is in the air! Now that I have a "fireplace" I can decorate it for Valentine's Day. I displayed my romantic couples made of porcelain and pretty porcelain pieces covered with  flowers that I love to collect.

I have this album book full of vintage photos that I recived as a gift years ago. I took copies and cut them into heart shapes to make the banner; you can find vintage photos on "The graphics fairy blog" She has tons of vintage photos and postcards.

I cut pieces of strips, then I cut the edges with this type of scissors.
My little boy helped me to glue the strips of paper all aroud the edge folding it as we glued it
He did a great job, he will be 4 years old in May, I know, time flys.
 To cover the back of the heart he glued another paper heart.

Then we added  glitter all around the edge  of the photo.
If you would like to make the cherubic, you can copy and paste this photo and print it, then enlarge it to desired size. It makes a sweet ornament too.
I glued two paper cherubics together, but do not glue the wings, so it can remain open
I cut another shape of paper to incorporate it with the cut paper hearts on my banner
I used monotype corsiva letters, size 72 to make the banner message, "Be mine" and my favorite french  word "Amour" Then I glued it to this piece of music paper. Then I opened some holes to hang the banner with a pretty lace. I didn't have laces of ribbon in my house so I made my own croched lace. I will make another post showing how to make Croched lace.  My little boy and I had fun making this vintage banner for Valentine's Day, I hope that you will have fun making one too.

~ Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved one ~

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