Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making furniture appliques

Not long ago I was looking for shabby chic furniture and it surprised me that all of them were decorated with appliques. So, I searched to see how much those furniture appliques cost and oh my goodness, they are expensive. I'm a frugal girl, so I decided to make my own furniture applique for my furniture. Some of you had left questions on my prior post asking if these appliquee made of All Purpose Compound are durable. Well, they are strong enough as an applique, I really recommend to paint the applique with primer-sealler before painting. These appliques are like everything else--if you give it a good hit obviously it's going to break. So start small and practise your skill of cake decoration.
I made this mantel from leftover wood that I found in my garage. I 've been seeing many bloggers using salvage mantel as a decoration spot and I think they look beautiful. You don't need a real fireplace to have the same feeling with this wonderful idea. I love it because I don't have a fireplace. So far I have made two faux fireplace mantels.
I decided to add a chic look to my mantel making a wreath and two swags. I drew a circle and half circle with a pencil were I wanted the appliques.
Here are some projects that I made using my idea of using All Purpose Joint Compound, also called: Drywall Mud, Drywall Filler in Canada, Joint Filler in the UK, Fugenmasse in Germany, Joint Finish in Australia to make furniture appliques.

I used an old window to make an ornamental frame.
I wanted to make a vintage scrolled frame on my window. I made this base support of papier mache and glued it on top of the frame window to support a shell that I wanted to put on top. This base support I covered with compound to make it strong to support the shell.
I used my cake decorator kit to make the roses.

I'm thinking about making a mirror out of my glass window, like a verre Eglomise.

I made a little change hanging my cone with dry roses in front of the window.

~Wish you a wonderful day and keep yourself crafty~

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