Friday, June 10, 2011

Painted Sky On Ceiling

At last, I finished painting the only unpainted ceiling in my house.
In the beginning I was thinking about painting roses on the  blank circles but when I saw the finished project  I changed my mind.
I made my own stencil, so it took me a long time to fill the surface because I had to paint each stencil pattern one at a time.
I painted this mural on my living-room ceiling with acrylic paint. To make the circle my husband removed the ceiling fan and we measured how big I wanted the circle. Then we placed a tack in the ceiling to mark the center of the circle. We then attached a string, that was long enough to make the largest circle, to the tack. We drew the twelve circles that make up the outside border by tying the pencil at different places along the string to make circles at the different diameters desired.
I found this chandelier for $10 and I painted it white; I wanted a cristal chandelier but they are too long and my husband is 6'6inches tall and he didn't want to hit his head everyday.
I want to thank you for your comments and I wish you success in all to do."....Friendship, indeed, is one of the greatest boons God can bestow on man. It is a union of our finest feelings; a disinterested binding of hearts, and a sympathy between two souls. It is an indefinable trust we repose in one another, a constant communication between two minds, and an unremitting anxiety for each other's souls.~J. Hill."


~Have a wonderful day and surround yourself with beautiful things~

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