Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Project. Reuse, recycle

With the garage full of left-over wood from home improvement projects, I could think of no better idea than to use my creativity, and clean my garage at the same time. Here is my creation.

 Now I have a place to sit while my son plays in the garden. I love the boxes that I put on each side of the bench; I think a pair of planters with flowers will give it a romantic touch.

I still have a lot to do in my garden, like plant more flowers to create an atmosphere of color and aromas. I have many ideas and projects in mind for my garden that I will complete little by little.

Maybe you can have lunch with me...
Thank you for visiting me, and come back soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My yard Conservatory

My husband has been changing the old windows in our house. I am a faithful follower of Cindy's blog, "My romantic home". She shared her beautiful yard conservatory and I was left enchanted by the idea of using my old windows to make something decorative. So, I decided to use the old windows from my own house to make my own yard conservatory. I've made two; one is outside in my garden and the other I'm using inside as a display case. They look so shabby chic; I love it.


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