Monday, November 24, 2014

Making Furniture Appliques On My Chairs

My husband purchased this dining room set years ago. I needed to fix the back of the chairs and upholster the cushions. I had the dinner table and chair in my sun room all these years. I thought it was time to put my hands to work. 
Chair before. This chair was to plain for my taste. I wanted a carved wood look for a romantic chic decor. 
After repairing the back of the chairs, I used All-Purpose Compound to make the appliques. Using  my cake decorator kit, I made the roses and leaf on the frame of the chair. Everybody asks me if this furniture applique is durable; I say yes, but it's really important to seal the compound with a primer, then paint the furniture.. I've decorated many of my furniture with this technique. Buying furniture applique is out of my budget. I came up with this idea and it's working for me. 
 I think that the applique gives a romantic chic to these chairs.

 After the applique are dry, I use a primer, and then I mix acrylic paint  to match the color of the wood on the chair. Then I use a white-wash technique to match the chairs to the dinner table. To protect the white-wash technique it's important to seal the finish with  a clear satin Polyurethane.


~Have a wonderful day and God bless you always~

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Crochet dresses that I made during the summer.

Searching about crochet fashion, I came across a talented Brazilian  designer Alzira Vieira. She has a beautiful dress collection. I couldn't decide on just one dress, so, I made three dresses inspired by her collection; I made some changes on the  dresses to make them more modest. This is how my dresses turned out. 
On the original dress, the hem of the skirt was suspended with crochet ribbons sewn around the hip. I decided to make a leaf border on the skirt's hem.

I love the design of this dress.

 This is another dress that I made. I really love this one.

On the original dress, the top of the dress was more open. I used a different stitch and made the sleeve longer.
 This dress was time consuming. The entire skirt is made of rose petals. The stitch used on the bodice really stretches out; adjusting to the body. The original dress is open on the back, and shorter. I made some changes on my dress to my comfort. 

~ Have a wonderful day full of beautiful things~
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