Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making Book Ornaments and Ornament Chandelier.

During this year I've been collecting some books that I found for free at a local library. I looked for old books because I like the yellow pages. I want  to share some ideas you can do with those books that you don't want anymore; a way to recycle. I found these book ornaments really costly in a store, I decided to make them myself.

Another Thing that I want to share with you is this ornament chandelier idea that I found on YouTube by Robeson Design. I made my own version by making a half circle box and adding light to the chandelier. I really like how it turned out. I don't know if I'm going to take it down when Christmas is over; It's really lights up the corner of the living room. You can find the instructions for the ornament chandelier here
To make the box I used a hardboard panel for its lightness and its flexibility to form a circle. I also painted the bottom of the box silver to help reflect more light; and of course I have to decorate the box sides with some appliques to make it look like a molding. I mounted the chandelier with long screws.

 I screwed  the light bulb underneath; that way the holes are not so big.

I want to wish you a happy Christmas and a happy New Year full of success, love and most of all health.
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