Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beautiful Crochet Flower Accessory

I have been in my little cocoon, keeping myself warm from the cold. Sitting on my favourite chair doing what I really love;crocheting. I want to share with you how I made this beautiful rose. It takes time but it is worth it . I made this crochet rose with a soft yarn,it looks really elegant.
I used Simply Soft from Caron. I really love the texture of this yarn and it is perfect to make flowers.To make the petal:
First work 5 chains.

Turn, single crochet on each chain.

Turn, work single crochet inserting the hook under the chain or stitch. This way you will have a double faced fabric; perfect for our petals.
Now we are going to increase the petal. At the last chain work 2 single crochet together, chain 1, turn. Keep working single crochet under the chains and increase at the end of the row working 2 single crochet together. Work until you reach about 1 1/2" long petal.
Do not fasten off. Work single crochet along the edge to give it a nice edge finish to the petal.

I made 2 small petals of about 11/2",Two medium petals of about 2"each. Four petals of about 21/2"and five petals of about 3"each.
Sew the petals: start with the smaller petal as you see on the photo.

Sew the edges of the outside--the largest--petals with a few stitches; this way the rose will not open too much.
To make the leaf: work 11chains, turn.
Single crochet across. At the last chain work 3single crochet together, see photo.

Keep working single crochet across.
At the other end work 3 single crochet together and keep working single crochet. Leave 3 last chains(to form the tip of the leaf) chain1 turn. Single crochet in each chain. At the base of the leaf work 3 single crochet together. Single crochet in each chain, leaving 3 last chains for tip (opposite side) See photo.  "Remember to insert the hook under the chain, to have a double faced fabric"

3 single crochet together at the base of the leaf.
Leave 2 chain (for side tip) of the leaf. Chain 1 turn. Single crochet on each chain.
Leave 2 chain for side tip (Opposite side) Chain 1 turn. Single crochet. Fasten off at end of base.
I hope that these instructions made sense to you. I rarely follow or read crochet patterns, I usually create my own projects.
Sew leaf to rose petal. I really love how my rose turned out. Imagine the many ways you can use this beautiful flower; on hair, as a brooch, a corsage. etc.
I made this crochet scarf and I embellished it with this beautiful red rose.

I used it on my hat too.
I don't want to finish this post without sharing how happy I am. With the beginning of a New Year, new ideas, dreams, projects, a new start. I wish you succes in all you do.

I won this beautiful burlap pillow at Daphne Nicole- Lynda Cade giveaway.I love it, I made a burlap pillow and I embellished it with crochet flowers and a basket; it is the perfect companion for my new pillow. She has beautiful accessories for your vintage lifestyle; give her a visit.
~Have a wonderful day and blessings from above~

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