Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"Dear heart, perhaps you can not find God's hand or see His face through some hour of despair. Do not be grieved, go seek the good, clean land, and you will find Him there. He is a part of every wind that sweeps across the furrows, down their upturned length. Breathe deeply of it, here is where God keeps stored healing and stored strength. Wander awhile down some still wooded way; Stoop to the lichen, dig through the mossy sod. Stir in the leafmold and the feathery spray of a fern can show you God. You can touch Him as you touch the bark of a tree; You can hear His voice in the voice of the singing birds. Dear God, may we listen God, may we look and see Thy face, and hear Thy words." Taken from the book Leaves of Gold. Page110

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