Monday, November 15, 2010

Poinsettias--another flower you can make using my dough

At this time of the year when we are full of enthusiasm to decorate our homes for the holidays, I would like to share this poinsettia arrangement that I made using my dough. I'm not showing how to make the poinsettias in this post , but I wanted to share with you the many things you can do using this ceramic russian technique.

Use your creativity and you can accomplish any project you want using this dough. I will show how to make these poinsettias and the grapes on a future post--they are easy to make.

"Poinsettias have their roots in Mexico. According to legend, a poor Mexican boy sheepishly approached the creche in his village church on chrismas eve. It was customary to leave gifts for the Christ child, but the boy had none to give. As the lad knelt in the snow to pray, a scarlet plant emerged from the frozen grown, and the boy presented it to the babe in the manger. It became known in Mexico as Flor de la noche buena. In 1928, an American named Joel Roberts Poinsett was visiting Mexico and came across the plant. He brought it back to America where it was renamed for him. Today, Poinsetias are as closely identified with Christmas as Holly and Mistletoe." Taken from: Christmas with Southern Living 1989 book, pg.138

~Have a Wonderful day and come back soon~


Unknown said...

wow you have such an amazing creative talent the poinsettias look amazing and so life like. what a beautiful display and the grapes just add to the class. I love these plants and to me christmas just isnt christmas with out at least one in the house and i didn't know the story of where they came from thats lovely. Have a great day Dee ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautifula nd very romantic!!!


Farah said...

Very beautiful and you arrange them very artsticaly, I am also a player of doughs, hope you would like to spare a bit of your time to check them at


Happy@Home said...

Your poinsettias and grapes are beautiful. I would never imagine that you made them from dough. I must go check out your dough recipe.

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