Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to make an easy Crocheted lace

When I was making my Valentine Banner, I found out that I didn't have laces or ribbons at home, so I decide to make my own piece of lace to use in my project. This crocheted lace is easy to make.

I used Mercerized cotton, size 10 in natural color, and a  hook number 8.
Make 4 chains and insert the hook into the first chain. Draw this chain through the working loop to form a circle.

1st row 3ch, 3dc into center of circle, 2ch, 4dc into circle. Turn.
2nd row 3ch, 3dc into 2ch loop, 2ch, 3dc into same 2ch loop, 1dc into top of turning chain. Turn.

The 2nd row forms the pattern. Repeat it for the length of lace you want.

I really had fun making this shell stitch lace, and it worked perfectly for my banner--it gave my project a vintage touch.

~Have a wonderful day and come back soon~


happyone said...

The crocheted lace is very pretty. I don't crochet though. Do you knit and if you do, do you have a pattern for that?

Toyin O. said...

This is great information, thanks for sharing:)

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