Thursday, March 31, 2011

A French Inspiration in Jacksonville Oregon

This Month my family and I took a trip to Medford, Oregon to visit our wonderful grandmother, we really enjoy her. While we were there, we took a little trip to Jacksonville--a historic little town. It is  about 5 minutes from my grandmother's house, and there were vineyards all the way Jacksonville. My grandmother was telling as that all those vineyards used to be pear orchards--she prefers the pear orchards. When we arrived, we found this charming little French BouTEAque. So come join me on an inspirational journey into French creations.

A French BouTEAque is located at:
135 South 3rd Street
Historic Jacksonville, Oregon
Check out her facebook page:

Visiting this town was like going back in time.

This is another antique store full of treasures.

A little piece of heaven for glass collectors.

I hope that you enjoyed this little tour of charming Historic Jacksonville, Oregon. I really loved visiting these wonderful shops.


 ~Have a wonderful day and surround yourself with beautiful things~ 


Unknown said...

O wow what amazing photo's and all that wonderful glass wear. It looks like such a beautiful little town, thanks for sharing that. dee x

happyone said...

Oh. I did enjoy looking at your pictures. I love little towns like that. We have quite a few of them here in Maryland where I live. I always enjoy walking in and out of all the little shops.

Claire said...

oh. wow. That looks like my idea of heaven! x

Heather said...

Thanks for creating such a wonderful little vignette of Jacksonville! I hope you don't mind that I encourage people visiting the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild to read your post. It's perfect for suggesting things to see and do in Jacksonville!
Thanks--Heather, Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild blogger

Blue Creek Home said...

Thanks for adding my button to your side bar and thanks for following - I'm following back!!!
Love all of the photos of the French shop.
See you tonight!

Sherry Hicks said...

Love the pictures what a nice place to visit! Bet you had fun seeing grandma as well! Thanks for sharing. Stop by my place sometime! I found you from the blog hop!

Kim said...

Wowzers! Looks like an amazing place to visit. I love your blog and I'm your newest follower. Stop by for a visit sometime!

Esperanza said...

Waoooo... QuĆ© belleza mi hermana elaboras con tanto ingenio, paciencia, esmero, con la minuciosa dedicaciĆ³n todos maravillosos que talentos grandiosos posees, que el padre celestial te siga bendiciendo siempre. Besos y Abrazos. ♥ ☻

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