Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shabby Chic Inspiration

I read somewhere--and I'm paraphrasing--that "We should look in the past in order to accomplish something extraordinary". I really agree with this phrase because when we look at our surroundings and appreciate the beauty of nature, the song of the birds, the warm sunshine upon our faces, etc. we try to keep the feeling of joy, and happiness that emanate from it. The artist captures the image of what he is seeing and reflects it on canvas, giving it his own interpretation of what he is seeing and feeling. In the end, all of us are trying to emulate, and imitate what is already created in front of our eyes. I try to imitate what is good for me and gives me joy. In the scripture we are exhorted to emulate Christ's life so we can be what our Father in Heaven expects from us, and live in harmony with His Spirit. That gives me joy too. So we are inspired by others in what is created and by looking in the past to conquer what makes us happy. What makes something original? The wonderful thing about art is that if we place a rose in front of five artists, each artist will capture the rose differently, and so each painting will differ. That makes the painting unique. Even though when we try to reproduce a painting it is really difficult to paint it exactly. In painting clases all the students are following the same instructions to paint a painting and each one turns out diferent from the others which gives me pleasure and joy because each of us have a divine nature, a personal sense to see and create things, and that makes us unique--and we all can learn so much from others. I think its wonderful.
 I visited Shabby chic Couture and everything is just beautiful. I love her accessories-accents, but like Dave Ramsey said : That's below the line... in other words, its not in my budget. I decided to make the items that I would like to buy and make them my self. I didn't spend a penny. I looked around my house and I found all the materials that I needed. I bought some canvas at 50% sale last year.  
I used watercolor, it was so much fun to play with the colors and to spash them on the wet canvas; each time that I spashed watercolor my little boy shouted: "Rain!!!" For me the secret of working with watercolor on canvas is to use a hair-dryer, the air will mix and spread the color making  the effect that you see above. I used a  wet sponge instead of a brush to apply the watercolor. Tip:Wet the canvas before applying the watercolor and have fun mixing it with the hair-dryer. 
To paint the dresses I used acrylic and applied it with my art knife. I didn't use brushes in this project. If you want a heavy texture you could use oil paint.
The color palette that I used made a great combination with my mural on the ceiling. The good thing about making my own Laurence Amelie Tutu painting is that I can customize it to my own taste. I painted a big pink rose and a little rose brooch on one of the dresses. 
I painted this beauty in watercolor on canvas, I signed this painting because its an original of mine. One year ago I went to a painting class of Wet On Wet Bob Ross oil technique and we painted a beautiful stormy sea. All the students signed their paintings but I didn't sign mine because for me it was a reproduction of Bob Ross' Painting, not an original.

Being inspired from Shabby Chic I made my own round petticoat pillow. I added a rose on center. I then crocheted a pillow.

I found a round light lamp shade for free. I tore it a part and I kept the two rings of the lamp shade to make this Dreamcatcher, I decorated with paper butterfly. I love it.
You can find wonderful tutorials in YouTube on how to make your own dreamcatcher.

I made this rosary out of acorns. Mother nature and the squirrel shared some with me :)
I opened the holes with a drill with the smallest drill bit. I used two pieces of wood and glued it together with wood glue.

I displayed it on my garden conservatory.
This is the last rose bouquet that my garden will produce. I pruned my roses and they are ready for winter. I will not enjoy their sweet smell until next year, I'll miss them.

I wish you success in all you do and remember  that only you put the obstacles in your way to creativity. I know that you can accomplish anything you want because all of us are daughters and sons of the great creator, yes, our Father in Heaven.
~Have a wonderful day ~


Unknown said...

What a beautiful inspiring post not only in gentle words but in makes also. I love your art work its truely beautiful and so pretty and delicate in its apperance. Your cushion is gorgeous and the beauty is you took the idea and made unique pieces. Lovely, dee x

Bente said...

I have been looking and reading and looking again. I love your post. You are fantastic good of what you do. And the painting,wow.

Have a fantastic day.

Hugs Bente

lala said...

Wow - everything is absolutely amazing and truly beautiful!!!!! I am definitely going to try the watercolor on wet canvas technique, thank you for sharing.

Honey at 2805 said...

Your watercolors are gorgeous! All of your creations are lovely and unique and even better because they were made by you.

Thank you for sharing your word and beautiful creativity at Potpourri Friday!

The Charm of Home said...

So many gorgeous talents! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Beautiful post! And your watercolors are stunning! Just absolutely stunning! I SO love them!

Lou Cinda :)

ziggy stardust said...

I made my own dream catcher, was inspired by yours. I also mentioned it on my blog. I hope you don't mind. I love the ballerina dresses just as much!!! Thanks for your inpiring post!!!


Mary Liz Gallery said...

Ohhhh! Please teach me how to paint that beautiful large rose on the lower left corner of your painting! Love it!

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