Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beautiful Crochet Flower Accessory

I have been in my little cocoon, keeping myself warm from the cold. Sitting on my favourite chair doing what I really love;crocheting. I want to share with you how I made this beautiful rose. It takes time but it is worth it . I made this crochet rose with a soft yarn,it looks really elegant.
I used Simply Soft from Caron. I really love the texture of this yarn and it is perfect to make flowers.To make the petal:
First work 5 chains.

Turn, single crochet on each chain.

Turn, work single crochet inserting the hook under the chain or stitch. This way you will have a double faced fabric; perfect for our petals.
Now we are going to increase the petal. At the last chain work 2 single crochet together, chain 1, turn. Keep working single crochet under the chains and increase at the end of the row working 2 single crochet together. Work until you reach about 1 1/2" long petal.
Do not fasten off. Work single crochet along the edge to give it a nice edge finish to the petal.

I made 2 small petals of about 11/2",Two medium petals of about 2"each. Four petals of about 21/2"and five petals of about 3"each.
Sew the petals: start with the smaller petal as you see on the photo.

Sew the edges of the outside--the largest--petals with a few stitches; this way the rose will not open too much.
To make the leaf: work 11chains, turn.
Single crochet across. At the last chain work 3single crochet together, see photo.

Keep working single crochet across.
At the other end work 3 single crochet together and keep working single crochet. Leave 3 last chains(to form the tip of the leaf) chain1 turn. Single crochet in each chain. At the base of the leaf work 3 single crochet together. Single crochet in each chain, leaving 3 last chains for tip (opposite side) See photo.  "Remember to insert the hook under the chain, to have a double faced fabric"

3 single crochet together at the base of the leaf.
Leave 2 chain (for side tip) of the leaf. Chain 1 turn. Single crochet on each chain.
Leave 2 chain for side tip (Opposite side) Chain 1 turn. Single crochet. Fasten off at end of base.
I hope that these instructions made sense to you. I rarely follow or read crochet patterns, I usually create my own projects.
Sew leaf to rose petal. I really love how my rose turned out. Imagine the many ways you can use this beautiful flower; on hair, as a brooch, a corsage. etc.
I made this crochet scarf and I embellished it with this beautiful red rose.

I used it on my hat too.
I don't want to finish this post without sharing how happy I am. With the beginning of a New Year, new ideas, dreams, projects, a new start. I wish you succes in all you do.

I won this beautiful burlap pillow at Daphne Nicole- Lynda Cade giveaway.I love it, I made a burlap pillow and I embellished it with crochet flowers and a basket; it is the perfect companion for my new pillow. She has beautiful accessories for your vintage lifestyle; give her a visit.
~Have a wonderful day and blessings from above~


Unknown said...

oohh that is one beautiful rose what a pretty idea ;-) dee x

Alba Linea said...

thank you sooo much for the great rosetutorial! they are absolute beautyfull! i want to become a new follower of your sweet blog. have a creative day! di

Nunzia Gregorio said...

BELLISSIME queste rose! Grazie per le spiegazioni!Saluti!

needlekrafter said...

this is so lovely-- I've come back to it time and time again! :)
thank you for sharing the 'how-to'.

Pami said...

hey, just dropped by via pinterest! i like your blog & shall return :-)
greetings from hamburg, germany

Unknown said...

I have been searching for just the right flower to use on my shawl. I finally found it! Thank you for sharing and for the great tutorial.

therunawaytrain said...

Thank you for sharing this very pretty and useful flower.

Anonymous said...

Your rose is fantastic!!! I am blown away. I am almost 72 and my Grandma taught me to crochet when I was really young...but this is the most realistic pattern I have ever seen. I can think of so many ways to use it, Thank you for sharing.
Best regards,

Bev Blankenbeckler, Earlysville, VA

Ana Love Craft said...

Amazing roses!!! Love them so much!
Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
Have a fabulous day!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Unknown said...

So nice of you to share the pattern .The rose turned ..bbbbbeautiful

Shantele said...

Thank you so much. . .

Unknown said...

This is great! Thanks so much. Very helpful and informative.

Unknown said...

I love your blog. Keep it up.Visit my site too.

Jane Sturgeon said...

Thank you so much for sharing the pattern for your beautiful roses. <3

Unknown said...


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