Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Christmas!

 I want to share with you how I decorated for Christmas. This year I have been making ornaments for my two Christmas trees; something that I really enjoy.
I made these paper houses. I found some glitter houses on a website, and my goodness they are expensive. I decided to make my own houses for my mantel. I really like how they turned out. You can find the patterns for paper houses  Here
This living-room is a small space; I love it. I made the owl ornaments with blew eggs, then I glued a pair of paper wings and black beads for the eyes.
The Snow balls are made with balloons.I covered the balloons with paper that I had dipped in  glue. After the paper dried, I covered it with  All-Purpose Compound to give it texture.  After the compound dried, I painted it with two-in-one  primer paint.
I have a collection of houses that I love. I decided to paint my houses white to give it a  frosty look. I just applied acrylic paint with a wet sponge. 

This is my second Christmas tree in the family-room. I decided to decorate it with a touch of  french air. I made the paper Eiffel towers , top hats, and cones. The cotton string ornaments were fun to make. They are made with balloons, and wrapped  with cotton strings.  I dampened the wrapped balloon with a sponge dipped in glue. After they dried, I made a small cut in the balloon; that way the air will come out slowly and the glued strings will keep their form.

I want to wish you a happy Christmas, and I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. Blessings always.


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your decorating is gorgeous! I love your little houses and all your ornaments. Your home is lovely!

Marie Arden said...

Oh My! What fun. Love all the detail. I see some ornaments that I have too!
Love the mantel. Merry Pinkmas to you

Marie Arden said...

Oh my! What fun I love it. I see we have similar taste in ornaments.
Merry Pinkmas!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas and many blessing Katty!

Anna Rosa said...

Hello, i subscribed to your blog, it's so beautiful and full of pink, romantic, lovely things! Good luck! :-)

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