Friday, February 7, 2014

Doily Dress

 I saw a wedding doily dress on Google image gallery and I loved it.  I thought about making a doily dress. The dress that I saw was made with different patterns of doilies, all in different sizes. I decided to make all the doilies using the same doily pattern. I really had fun making doilies; I pinned them on a dress and joined them together with a mesh stitch, working all around the doily. I did the same technique with my Irish crochet dress.
I found a mini doily pattern that I really like. You can find this pattern Here
I decided to join the mini doilies on the bodice of the dress and the larger doilies for the skirt. To make the doily larger for the skirt , I just repeated 4 rows from the pattern.

Join doilies with mesh stitch.
Join the the back to the front of the dress.

Here is the dress with a red lining underneath--perfect for Valentine's Day.

I crocheted buttons for the back of the dress. Check my other post for how to crochet buttons.

 ~Have a wonderful day full of beautiful things~


Marti said...

That's amazing! I love lace dresses and this one is truly crafted with love. Have you worn it yet?

Unknown said...

So happy you have posted again! Gotta' love improvisation!

Unknown said...

Very nice, love your blog friv

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