Friday, February 12, 2016

Crochet Shoes

 What would you do if you had a pair of shoes that you no longer liked? Probably donate them; but what about giving them a new appearance.  

 This is how the shoes looked before.
 I began by working a blanket stitch around the edge of the shoe.

 Then I worked 2 single crochet together on each stitch.
 Next, I worked a single crochet all around the shoe.
 At this point I began decreasing to close up the shoe. It's a good idea to try on the shoe in order to make adjustments (Increasing- Decreasing) single crochet stitches, until the shoe fits comfortably.
Finish with popcorn stitch for decoration. When I finished the shoes and started walking, I notice that the shoes tended to come off my feet. I am going to sew elastic bands on the back of the heel to give it more support. I've seen flat shoes with elastic bands on the back heel so I'm comfortable with the idea.

~I want to wish you a wonderful day full of beautiful things that make you happy~

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