Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dollar Tree Galvanized Bell Craft

I was looking for galvanized bells for a charming Farmhouse look. I found this set of bells  for $31.99 I decided to make my own bells. I found these metal vases at the Dollar Tree store; perfect for my project.

 I wanted the galvanized aged look. I found a tutorial that used toilet cleaner to age metal. I applied a coat of toilet cleaner to one of the vases. It definitely took off the shiny coat and left an opaque metal. I love it.

For the bell's clapper; I opened a hole on the bottom of the vase to insert the jute twine with a jingle bell tied to the end. Then I decorated the bell with a  burlap ribbon bow and some greenery to hide the flat bottom of the vase.

I hung the bells on my tree.
 ~I wish you a happy Christmas and blessings always~

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