Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Making Sheepskin Rug


I made this  sheep rug. I wanted to share the pattern, but I don't want  problems with the book's copyright.

My book: Stitch by Stitch (volume 13) is printed in 1985. I have seen this pattern for sale on Etsy.

The pattern in the book is really easy to follow and understand. I decided to change the yarn color for the grass. 

Working 9th row. The sheep body section on this pattern starts from the tail toward the neck.

Finishing body section

Ready to sew face to body.

Sewing the grass section.

I didn't want to embroider the eye as the pattern suggested. I wanted a rug look on the face.

I really like my sheep rug. It measures 35 inches long by 41 inches wide.
I placed my rug in the bathroom. 

~Have a wonderful day full of beautiful things you love~

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