Thursday, July 14, 2011

White Paper Roses

Roses have a special place in my heart. I love to paint them and there's no time more perfect than summer to bring beauty and romance to our gardens and homes. My home is flower filled, adorned with laces and doilys. I cling to traditions and I'm unafraid to be sentimental, surrounding myself with special things. And thinking about roses, I decided to decorate my mantel with paper roses. I couldn't find the right paper rose for my project, so, I started to think how to make a large open paper rose. This is what I came up with.

I used photo resolution coated paper for my roses--it holds the shape of the rose better. You could use postboard but you would have to glue the petal with hot glue.For the base, I tore a piece of paper shaping it into a circle of about 9inches in circumference.
I tore a piece of paper and shaped a petal with a long tail.
Then I took the long side of the petal and rolled it holding the end of the petal with the tip of my fingers. Gluing while rolling.

Make 4 cross cuts on the base of the center petal.

And glue it on the center of the base circle.
I placed 3 or 4 papers together to tear more petals at a time. Then I made cuts on the base of the petals with scissors.

I glued the petal around the center base. Tear or cut more petals, increasing the size of the petals .
Increase the size of the petals as you aproach the border of the base circle.
 Keep filling with paper petals until you reach the edge of the base.
I think that my roses look beautiful on my mantel. It gives me satisfaction to have made the paper roses with my own hands. Nothing says romance better then a rose. Like Thomas Christopher said:Roses like debutantes, do not appear unannounced, they must be formally presented."

As you can see, I arranged them on my mantel. I think they look so romantic.

I took these pictures without light, I like the diferent tone of white on the roses.

I love the reflection of my painted sky ceiling on the mirror.
I made this paper cone and I wrapped it in fabric, then I made a small paper rose and glued it on the cone. I really like the cone hanging in front of  my vintage dress, I found this idea in a magazine. 

~Have a wonderful day and keep yourself crafty~


happyone said...

I am impressed. Your did a wonderful job with them. They are beautiful!!

Happy@Home said...

Your roses are so beautiful and elegant. I love the photo of your mantel with the rose paintings showing in the mirror. Lovely.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Your mantle looks so beautiful, love all that white, cause I love white too! You did a smashing job on those paper roses, they turned out so well, and looks so pretty.
Love your whole mantle with that beautiful old mirror. Very very pretty. I love roses too, one of my favs, and I love a romantic look as well.
Blessings, Nellie

ann said...

Love your paper roses. I am going to try make one or two if I am good at it.

Alba Linea said...

wow the roses are so great! thanks so much for the tutorial.
best wishes! di

Bente said...

The paper roses are so beautiful.


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