Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cutting Roses

When my roses were in bloom, the weather was good, and my little boy was excited to go outside, he insisted on cutting the roses himself and he did.

 Angel Face "Climber" She measured more than 8 feet long.

I planted strawberries along with the roses. I started with four strawberrry plants; now they cover the rose's bed, they really reproduce quickly.
With my little boy helping to cut the roses we made this floral arrangement.

Roses are beautiful and how wonderful it is to enjoy them indoors. The aroma of the roses invade my home, I am happy.

~Have a wondeful day and stop and smell the roses~



Unknown said...

No wonder your happy your roses are stunning and such pretty colours. Enjoy them and your lovely home, dee x

Anonymous said...

Amazing roses and colors,I love it!
Have a great day, kisses:)

happyone said...

The roses are beautiful. Wonderful colors and I love the name of roses.

ann said...

Your roses are so pretty. It is interesting that you combine them strawberry. who' a thought?

Simply Me said...

Love the flowers, so beautiful !!

LQVL said...

Very beautiful flowers. I love it

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